A New Name for a New Season

Introducing Songwood Haven Farm!

Yes, the farm is getting a new name!  Life has brought a lot of change over the last year, including a move.  The cows and I are now living on the “new” piece of property that was bought a few years ago, which we called Headwaters at the time.  (You can read about & see more photos of the property in my previous blog post called New Ground.)

With this new season I’ve entered into, it’s time for a new name for the farm.  So, I’ll be transitioning to using Songwood Haven Farm through this year.  Since the calves being born this year were bred after the move onto this property, I’m using the Songwood herd prefix with this year’s calves, which you can see on the Calf Corner page.

You can learn more about my new farm name by clicking on “more about us” in the blue box at right.

1 thought on “A New Name for a New Season

  1. Michael Macedonia April 21, 2019 — 10:56 am

    Beautiful little farm and a great owner !


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