Baby Times, Busy Times

The calves enjoying some rare spring sunshine.

I’m in the midst of a busy calving season here.  I love having new calves around, and this year there sure are going to be a lot of them!  I have six on the ground already, with five more due between April 8-15…yes, in one week!  There are three expected in May, then a few stragglers due over the summer, and a handful I bred for fall calving.  I’m really excited to have Mooch & Cecil in the herd, and can’t wait to see what their calves look like.  So much fun!

I am planning on selling quite a few Dexter cows & heifers this year (I just don’t have room to keep them all!), so keep an eye on the Sale Barn page.  I’ll have some heifer calves available, as well as some cows all trained & ready to go as family milk cows.  I plan to start listing them within the next few weeks, so check back soon.

I’ve also been keeping very busy with ADCA business.  I’ve been working hard with the Education Committee, of which I am Chairperson, to plan the Educational Program for this year’s AGM in Salina, KS.  I am delighted with how things have come together there.  We have some very exciting sessions planned that we think people will really enjoy.  Be watching for more information in the next Dexter Bulletin, and plan now to attend.

Hope to see you in Salina!

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