Now Offering Cow Cuddling

Yes, you read that right…cow cuddling. So, what is cow cuddling? It’s a relatively new form of animal therapy in which you spend time with a cow to help improve your emotional well-being. People who are stressed out, anxious, depressed or just going through a hard time find cow cuddling to help bring a feeling of calm & peace. A cow’s slower heart rate & higher body temperature are said to help people relax.

11 year old Hannah gives Rousseau, a mature bull, a hug.

Here at Songwood Haven Farm, I breed & raise Dexter cattle, which are a small, dual-purpose heritage breed of cattle. Most of my mature Dexter cows are around 42″ tall and weigh less than 800 lbs, so they are much less intimidating than a larger breed of cattle. I also focus on breeding for good disposition, so I have calm, sweet, friendly cows who enjoy human interaction.

So, what will your cow cuddling session look like? That depends on you & the cows. I will take you into a small paddock with a few of my friendliest Dexters to introduce you to them. Then you may stand & have as much bodily contact with them as you & they desire, or you may sit & watch them, talk to them, whatever feels right. I will stay close-by to observe, for safety.

As a psychotherapist, licensed in Montana, Nevada and California, I have worked with people for 35 years. I want to recommend a great option that helps for numerous issues. Spending time with cows. I know this sounds strange but it works. Cows are zen-like animals who accept their day to day life with grace and patience. Spending time with these amazing animals brings comfort and calm.

Cow cuddling is being used worldwide and is now available in Kentucky at Songwood Haven Farm. Let me tell you about Songwood Haven Farm. First it is a sanctuary in and of itself with wonderful rolling hills. Add to that a herd of Irish Dexter cows who are friendly and kind. Kim Newswanger, the owner of Songwood Haven Farm, is a gentle woman who loves her cows and that love has created a special herd of cows like I have never met anywhere else across the country.

I met Kim when I moved to Kentucky and was thinking about buying a cow. Kim graciously let me come to Songwood Haven Farm and meet her cows to see if I even really wanted a cow as I had not been around  Irish Dexter cows. Out West I had been around Angus and Hereford cattle. She took me down to the herd and we just stood there, gave them some treats, but really just stood there, and the calm and peace just starts washing over you. You start to feel better, accepted, and wanted. 

I started visiting every month and suggested to Kim that her herd would be perfect for cow cuddling. I am thrilled to announce that Songwood Haven Farm is now offering cow cuddling.

What to expect with your cow cuddling experience. A cow is not going to come sit in your lap. You will go to the cows with some treats and the cows will come for the treats. Then you can just stand or sit with them. The cows will move away and come back. Some may ask to be petted. The cows will be with you and just allow you to be yourself with no judgement or expectations. The peace and calm will surround you. You will feel like you can breathe again. It’s an amazing experience.

I highly recommend this healing modality and Songwood Haven Farm has the most lovely herd of cows I have ever met. I know you will feel the same way.

Sue Pollington PhD LCSW LAC

Pollington Healing Institute PLLC

What We Are and What We Are Not

Songwood Haven Farm is not an animal rescue or sanctuary. It is a working family farm in Laurel Co., KY & the cows have jobs. I raise registered Dexters to be family milk cows & to sell as breeding stock. My cows are allowed to raise their calves freely on pasture, while also providing milk for the table. Bull calves that are not high enough quality to be registered breeding stock are castrated so they can be raised for beef.

I am not a therapist, but I know the peace I experience when spending time with my cows out in God’s Creation. The Lord has blessed me with this beautiful farm and these wonderful cows. I love my cows and I do my best to steward the land & animals in a way that pleases Him.

Your Cow Cuddling Experience

I am so pleased to be able to offer cow cuddling here in southeast Kentucky. My farm is located near London, KY, just off I-75, so very convenient for the greater Lexington area. Cow cuddling sessions will be one hour, afternoons only, and limited to 1-2 people per session. Introductory rate is $50 per session.

Call or email today to schedule your cow cuddling session!


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