ZH Taco’s Tundra

Tundra (Cow)

Sara came back to us with this sweet, beautiful little girl at side, and we’re very excited to have her in our herd!  She was well-taught early on by Sara to be wary of humans, but her sweet, calm, quiet nature prevailed & she has become quite friendly.  Tundra is a smart girl, and I had a lot of fun training her to show.  What a neat package she is, with her dam’s old, traditional bloodlines and the popular dairy-type Taco as sire…she’s a pretty, feminine cow.  Taco seems to have been the perfect match for Sara, as Tundra is the highest quality heifer Sara has produced so far, and likely ever will.

Tundra is a well put-together girl, showing nice body length, depth & width, and great legs & feet.  Her sire, Taco, is known for tightening up udders, improving fore-udder structure, and increasing production, so we are expecting great things out of Tundra.  She definitely shows significant improvement in her udder structure, with her udder floor still level in her second lactation, which is something we haven’t seen in any other daughter of Sara’s.

Unfortunately, Tundra freshened with Strep mastitis in all four quarters this year, so she had minimal training for milking, and has once again been allowed to just raise her calf.  We successfully treated the mastitis and she is doing fine now, though only functioning in three quarters.

The udder photo below is from her first freshening.

black, carries dun (E/E, B/b)
hip height
birth height
weight700 lbs.
birth weight

Calving History

  • 9/6/15 – “Taquito”, dun steer by Mrald Perfect Lil Milkman
  • 8/24/16 – “Brannagh”, black heifer by RdoubleD Rambling Bob (AI)


  • Sire:  Serenity Oak Farm Taco:  Rock N’ Oaks Boo x Hillview DJ Baxter
  • Dam:  S&H Hilltop Sara:  Katie x Stillwater’s Drifter
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