NewHope Peachberry Jam

Jammy (Cow)

June 28, 2013…the day the vet was here to AI Tulip.  As we were standing by the barn chatting afterwards, we heard a loud crack.  It was the white peach tree, breaking under the weight of it’s first nice crop of ripening fruit.  The next several days were spent making goodies out of the peaches I could salvage…white peach preserves, peach butter and a wonderful white peach & red raspberry jam since the raspberries were fruiting at the same time.  It tasted fabulous & was a gorgeous red color.  It didn’t take me long to decide that if I got the desired heifer out of the breeding I would name her after that jam.

And here she is, definitely a keeper!  We are super excited about this stout little girl!  She’s our first Dexter AI calf and looks like she will be as good as I hoped.  Jammy has a sweet, friendly temperament, and is trained to show.  She has great conformation, with nice width between the legs, and beautiful topline, legs & feet.  She is also a lovely, deep, rich red color, just like the jam she is named after.

Jammy took to mothering like a pro & is doing great as a milk cow.  She also has very nice udder structure with great attachments, and a good volume of milk.  What a sweetheart!

The udder photo below was taken a couple weeks after her first calving.

2/9/2018  SOLD!  Jammy has gone to her new home in TN to serve as a family milk cow.

red (E+/e)
hip height
birth height23.5″
weight600 lbs.
birth weight43 lbs.

Calving History

  • 4/20/16 – “Ruby”, red heifer by Mrald Perfect Lil Milkman
  • 6/30/17 – “T-bone”, red steer calf by Mrald Charlie Babbitt


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