AI Semen Sales

I have semen straws available for purchase from the following outstanding Dexter bulls.  Click on any bull’s name to see detailed information about him & more photos.

You may order conventional straws from multiple bulls to make up the 10 straws for a quantity discount (does not include sexed straws).  Ordering information is at the bottom of this page. To arrange your order you may contact me at

2023 Special Offer! I have a very small quantity of straws from Belle Fourche Mr. Right to sell. I will be offering these in a special “Red Polled Collection”. See my latest blog post for details.

SMD Cecil Ferl

A nice, thick-bodied “traditional” bull (no polled genetics)
Red with HOMOZYGOUS dun
Registered ADCA
Sire Qualified
Genotype on file at UCD

$60/straw for 10 or more

Mrald Perfect Lil Milkman

A very nice, small-statured, polled bull
Red with HOMOZYGOUS dun
Registered ADCA
Sire & Dam Qualified
Genotype on file at UCD
Tested negative for TB, Brucellosis, BVD, Lepto (5 strains) and Trich

$55/straw for 10 or more ($5/straw discount)

Straws from Milkman will also be available locally for pick-up at Emerald Park Farm, for those in the Seattle, WA area.

RdoubleD Schmoozer

SEXED STRAWS (90% heifer semen)
An excellent quality, dual-purpose bull.
Registered ADCA
Sire Qualified, genotype on file at UCD & TAMU

$90/straw for 5 or more ($5/straw discount)

Less than 30 straws remain available

Belle Fourche Rousseau

An excellent, red, homozygous polled bull.
Registered ADCA & PDCA
Sire & Dam Qualified
Genotype on file at TAMU & UCD
Tested negative for Trichomoniasis

10% discount for 10 or more

Less than 30 straws remaining

Artificial Insemination Basics

I am often asked questions about how this all works.  Here is some of the basic information you need to know before getting started with AI.

Ordering Straws:  Most people want to order at least 2 straws per cow, in case a cow doesn’t settle on the first try.  Extras can be kept in storage for use at a later date.  I do not have a minimum order, but shipping is expensive so it’s better to buy more for one shipment than to have to buy & ship more a second time.  I’ll need to know how many straws you want from what bull, as well as your name & phone number.

Shipping & Storage:  Straws are shipped frozen, in a nitrogen tank, from the collection facility.  You will need to have them shipped to your AI tech or vet who will be doing AI for you, so they can store the straws in their own nitrogen tank until your cow is ready to breed.  Have this person’s shipping address & phone number available when you arrange shipping with the collection facility.

Payment:  You will need to pay me for the straws you are ordering.  Once I receive payment, I will release the straws to you with the collection facility.  Then you will need to contact the facility to arrange & pay for the shipping, which can be done with a credit card over the phone.

Breeding Your Cow:  You will have to be able to tell when your cow is in standing heat & ready to breed.  AI is usually done 12 hours after the beginning of standing heat.  If you have more than one bovine, you can use a heat detection patch, like Estrotect stickers, to determine when your cow is standing to be mounted.  If you only have one cow & can’t tell when she is in heat, then you may have to talk to your vet or AI tech about doing a synch protocol with hormone injections.

Sexed Semen Straws: When using sexed semen, there are some important differences to keep in mind. Because of the extra process of sorting the semen, straws need to be handled with extra care. Timing of breeding is 18 hours after onset of standing heat instead of the normal 12 for conventional straws. It is also recommended that you do NOT use a synch protocol when breeding with sexed semen. Make sure to tell your vet or AI tech that you will be using sexed straws when you arrange for breeding your cow so they can plan accordingly.

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