Mrald Perfect Lil Milkman

Little Man (Bull)

I was absolutely thrilled when I found out this boy was for sale!  He has a lot of Belle Fourche/Hillview breeding behind him, and has Galaxy both top & bottom, so we are delighted to add his milky genetics to our herd.  Little Man is a very well put-together boy with a lot to offer and a great temperament.  He should be a great herdsire to follow Rousseau.  Now to find out if this milkman delivers!

I have a very nice crop of Milkman calves from 2015, and am quite happy with what I see.  They are small-statured & well built, showing good improvement over their dams. They also have friendly, calm personalities and are easy to handle.  Average calf birth weight so far is 47 pounds.

Little Man is maturing into a very fine looking young man while remaining quite short.  He is a well-balanced bull, with a nice topline, good depth & rib spring, and great feet & legs.  He has very nicely muscled hindqarters for a young bull, and yes, he really is only 41″ tall!  Milkman is halter trained & very easy to handle.  He will make a great choice for somebody looking to improve milk production in their heifers.  You can see photos of his daughters in the Herd Archive…their names all end in “Milkmaid”.

AI Sales

I now have AI straws available from Milkman.  See the Semen Sales page for details & pricing.

The first two photos below are from his yearling winter & summer, the last two are from fall 2015 as a 2 1/2 year old.

red & homo dun (E+/e, b/b)
hip height
weight750 lbs.


  • Sire:  Mrald Ringo Fire:  Hillview Daren Jane x Hillview Norman Outlaw
  • Dam: Mrald Dun to Perfection:  Hillview Sally x Serenity Oak Farm Taco
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