SMD Winifred Ferl

Winnie (Cow) $2,400

What a gorgeous cow from the Silver Maple Dexters herd!  Winnie is such a nicely built cow, with lots of length, depth & width, a straight, level topline and great legs & feet. She has nice udder structure & milk volume, but her teat structure is a bit disappointing.

Winnie has had no calving problems and has raised lovely, thick, fat calves. She’s a great momma and a good-natured member of the herd. She has given me a beautiful heifer, Disco, who will be her replacement in my herd. She is bred back to Tip, for a fall ’22 calf.

Winnie has not been milked regularly, as she is difficult to milk, and I do not consider her to be ‘trained’ to milk. But she needs “udder management” the first several days after calving, due to the size & poor structure of her front teats. She simply isn’t a “throw her out in the pasture & forget about her” beef cow. This girl needs the right home with somebody willing & able to give her the care she needs…and who may be looking for some otherwise excellent SMD genetics.

black, carries red (E/e)
hip height

Calving History

  • 11/9/18 – “Double”, black steer by Thomas
  • 3/29/20 – “Thing 2”, black steer by Thomas
  • 8/29/21 – “Disco”, black heifer by Cash


  • Sire:  SMD Ferl Certus:  SMD Ceti Navis x Breoch Sultan
  • Dam:  SMD Medea Navis:  SMD Menikar Ceti x Lucifer of Knotting

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