NewHope Rambling Brannagh

Branna (Cow)

Just what I asked for…a Rambling Bob AI heifer out of Tundra!  She’s a sweet, friendly little girl, very well put together and so nice & thick.

Branna is maturing into a fine-looking young cow. She is a great momma…sort of a helicopter mom. She has a lovely udder, good milk production and good sized teats & orifices for easy milk-out. Branna has done wonderfully well in the milk parlor…such an easy cow to work with!

I really love this girl! She’s a granddaughter of Sara, my very first Dexter cow. And the amount of improvement Branna has over Sara is just incredible. In just two generations, I have a much, much better cow…which makes her so special to me.

I’ll be very sad to see Branna go, but Beauty will stay as her replacement. Branna will be going to her new home once Philbert is weaned, to fill the role of family milk cow.

11/29/21 SOLD! Branna has gone to her new home in WI to serve as family milk cow.

black (ED/ED, B/B)
hip height
birth height23.5″
birth weight46 lbs.
PV Obligate
PV Obligate

Calving History

  • 12/23/18 – “Squeaky”, black steer by Cecil
  • 4/11/20 – “Beauty”, black heifer by Cash
  • 4/21/21 – “Philbert”, black bull calf by Thomas


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