S&H Hilltop Sara

Sara Jane (Cow)

Sara is the boss!  She was the first cow I bought in 2007 and it was a bit challenging until I figured out the bovine body language and was able to convince her that, actually, I was the boss cow in our herd of two.  Now we get along pretty well, but she can be pretty opinionated about who may handle her when, where & how.  I had sold Sara in Dec. 2009 to Herb & Susan Lea, at Zephyr Hill Farm in Chickamauga, GA. We stayed in touch & became friends over the four years they owned her.

Then Susan contacted me the summer of 2013, saying she wanted to bring Sara up to breed her to Rousseau, so we arranged a date.  When they got here, she told me they had decided to go ahead & sell Sara along with her new heifer calf, Tundra, sired by Serenity Oak Farm Taco.  After looking at Sara in person again & thinking about it a couple days, I decided to take the old girl back on.  I had forgotten how well-built, and amazingly long, she is…and I’m really excited about that Taco heifer!  Sara is happy to be queen of a herd again, and she & I have settled back in to our comfortable, familiar interactions.

Sara is out of traditional Legacy bloodlines and her grandsire is the popular, high quality bull, Jamie O’Callen.  Although her udder is a bit lacking, with a sloped floor and poor fore-udder & attachment, I really like Sara as she has a lot to offer.  She has very nice conformation, with exceptional body length and depth, and great width and muscling…the stretch Hummer version of Dexter cows.    She IS trained to milk, though, and does great with it – hand or machine, and I’m glad for the opportunity to milk her again this summer.  All in all, she’s a decent little cow, and has produced some very nice calves.

As the cow that started it all for me, Sara is truly the foundation of my herd, and I’m glad to feature her here.  

hip height
weight880 lbs.

Calving History

  • 5/17/2007 – “Keira”, black horned heifer by Tama Star Dancer
  • 1/19/2009 – “Maxwell”, black polled steer by SF Re-Poll
  • (two heifers born at Lea’s)
  • 5/31/2014 – “Stout”, black, polled steer by Belle Fourche Rousseau


  • Sire:  Stillwater’s Drifter:  Praise Him Sarai x PRM Coffee’s Pepper
  • Dam:  Katie:  Mary Joyous Gracie x Jamie O’Callen
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