NewHope St Patrick’s Luck

Patrick (Bull Calf)

What a big, stout boy, born at dusk on St. Patty’s Day.  Luna popped him right out without any trouble, so I was rather amazed when he weighed in at a whopping 70 pounds!  This is a well built calf with excellent length & depth of body, nice straight legs & great feet.  Patrick is also a sweet, friendly boy, true to his dad’s nature.  We feel that Patrick will make a fine breeding bull, and he is now available to go to a new home, since being weaned the beginning of September.

His dam has never been milked, so we know nothing of her production except that she weans off a nice fat calf.  Her udder structure is sound though, and is holding up well at 7 years of age, as seen in the photo below, when she was 5 days fresh on her 6th lactation this year.  For somebody with a beef herd who wants a slightly larger framed bull, Patrick may be your lucky man.

The first photo below was taken at 5 days old, and yes, he’s standing right next to momma so the size comparison is accurate!  The next photo is at 2 months old and the third at 4 months….growing nicely.  The last photo is of Patrick being shown by Roberta at the 2017 AGM as a 2 year old.  What a handsome boy!

12/5/15 SOLD!  We are pleased to say that Patrick has gone to be a herdsire at Wieringa Dexter Farm in MI.

red (E+/e)
hip height
birth height27″
weight400 lbs.
birth weight70 lbs.
PV obligate
PV obligate


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