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Rosie (Cow)

Scarlett seems to have pulled out all the stops & has produced a fabulously well-built heifer.  I also finally have the pink-nosed heifer out of Rousseau that I’ve been waiting for all these years.  I am extremely pleased with this girl!  Rosie seems to be quite improved over her dam, so she has been retained in Scarlett’s place.  And she is SUCH a sweetheart…probably one of the friendliest calves I’ve had yet….very easy to handle & also halter trained.

Rosie is a very correct cow, with great thickness through her body, and good space between the legs.  Her udder is much improved over her dam’s, and she is doing wonderfully as a milk cow.  She was extremely easy to train to hand-milk, no fuss or kicking at all, has good production for her second lactation, and has the lovely, rich, creamy milk that her sire’s line is known for.

As much as I hate to say good-bye to my last Rousseau daughter, Rosie has given me a very nice heifer as her replacement.  So, Rosie will be available to go to a new home when Garnet is weaned late fall. 

See Rosie’s baby pictures below (top 3).  The second large photo is from fall 2016.  The third large photo & the udder photos were all taken about a week after her second calving, with a full udder right before milking time.  What a fine-looking cow!

red (e/e)
hip height
weight600 lbs.
PV Obligate

Calving History

  • 4/17/17 – “Brisket”, red-fawn steer calf by Margarethe’s Dairyman (Jersey AI cross)
  • 4/21/18 – “Garnet”, red heifer by Cecil


  • Sire:  Belle Fourche Rousseau:  Circle H’s Nutmeg x Circle H’s Frederick
  • Dam:  2CA Scarlett:  Wendy’s RY Red Upula x K Heart Red Thunder
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