HV Platinum Ladybell

Old Ladybells (Cow)

What a wonderful addition to my herd!  Ladybell is a sweet old girl, and one of the last several surviving Saltaire Platinum daughters, so a rare find.  She also has the honor of being the 2005 ADCA National Grand Champion Female.  This girl is very nicely built, with good width, depth & length in her body, a nice long hip, and good hook to pin length & angle.  She has a very nice udder, with a good fore attachment & a nice level floor.

Ladybell is a wonderful brood cow, and even though she has made it clear that she will NOT be milked, she has been a pleasure to have.  She is calm & good-natured, and leads well on halter, but is not overly fond of human attention & lovin’.  Though not a dominant (“boss”) member of the herd, she does demand the respect due a woman of her age, and has become a “leader” of the herd.

Ladybell has been spitting out the heifers for me, and therefore has become the grand matriarch around here.  I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to own her as a major foundation cow of my herd, and look forward to some great offspring from her three daughters.  She remains in good health, and has been breeding back promptly each year, so I would expect several more quality calves out of her before she retires.

In the photo below, taken from behind, she is 15 years old & lookin’ pretty good.  And what’s not to enjoy about a nice family photo…Ladybell, her three girls, and Trixie’s first heifer, Prissy.

 black, carries red & dun
hip height
weight880 lbs.

Calving History

  • 2011 – “Trixie”, red heifer by Circle H’s Frederick, born 5/10/11
  • 2012 – “Iris”, black heifer by Belle Fourche Rousseau, born 3/29/12
  • 2013 – “Bunny”, dun heifer by Joy of Illinois Mace, born 3/29/13


  • Sire:  Saltaire Platinum:  Saltaire Pedrilla x Migh Poldark
  • Dam:  Belle Fourche Buttercup:  Belle Fourche Belle x Llanfair’s Chester Lee
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