Hello Again!

Mace seems to think this pile of dirt was put there just for him….and he LOVES it!

Hello again to all our friends & welcome to those who are new to our site!  One of the nice things about owning Dexters, which I forgot to mention in my last post, is all the great people you get to meet.  It has been a season of greetings for us here lately, so I’ll give you the scoop on our most significant recent “hello’s”.  And if you don’t find other information you’re looking for here on the website, or if you have further questions about what you do find, please don’t hesitate to give us a “hello” – we’d love to hear from you!

Mace settled right back in with the girls at home.

Welcome Home, Mace!

We recently returned to Never Know Farm to say hello again to Hank & Zoh Murphy, and to Mace.  Our Little Man had successfully completed the job he went there to do, so it was time to come back home.  Hopefully their Mini Pearl gives them a nice little heifer this fall.  

Sara actually sniffed noses to greet me…not something she’ll usually do.

Mace seemed happy to say hello again to his old girlfriends here at home, and settled right back in.  He also loves the “bull playground” Jeff made for him while he was gone….a mountain of dirt dug out of the silted-in pond, which will get used in regrading the pasture.  He must feel big & important standing up there, and spends a lot of time being King of the Mountain.  We’re glad to welcome him home again.  Thank you, Hank & Zoh, for loving him so well.

I meet Siobhan….a very nice heifer.

A Visit With Sara…and Herb & Susan

Last week we made a trip to Georgia, and on our way to Gabriella’s farm we stopped at Zephyr Hill Farm to say hello again to our good ol’ cow Sara.  Herb & Susan Lea are becoming dear friends to us and it was wonderful to see them & say hello again to them.  We had a great visit, talking about cows, chickens, deworming and all sorts of things over our tea.  Then we went to see the farm & the animals.

Herb & Susan get a laugh out of me & Sara playing ring-around-the-feed-pan.

Sara was looking quite well & was her typical self…not overly friendly, and barely tolerant of my attentions.  She has a lovely heifer calf by Hillview Red Wing, and little Siobhan was actually interested in saying hello & making friends.  What a sweetie!  She definitely has a better personality than her momma, and looks better muscled in the hindquarters than Sara or either Keira or Max.  They also should see a greatly improved udder on her when she grows up….a fine milk cow in the making!  A big thank you to Herb & Susan for being a bright spot in an otherwise long, dull day of driving.

After a near escape, Ladybell walks nicely on halter back to the barn & trailer.

Ladybell Mooves In

The reason for our trip to GA was to pick up our newest purchase – HV Platinum Ladybell.  A while back I had said hello again to Stefani Millman of Emerald Park Farm, looking for some new “blood” to add to my herd, and decided to buy Ladybell from her.  She already had a couple youngsters scheduled for transport from Washington to Belle Fourche Farm in Georgia, so it was arranged for Ladybell to tag along.  Gabriella was happy to see her ol’ cow & say hello again, and allowed Ladybell to spend a couple weeks there until we could get down to pick her up.  Although Gabriella was out of town the day we showed up, we did get to say hello again to her mother…. and then finally met our new girl.  Aside from a little excitement we had with a gate I didn’t realize was open, she was fairly easy to catch & halter, considering I was a complete stranger, and she led nicely right into the trailer for an uneventful trip home.

Ladybell settles into her new home.
Hello there, pretty girl!

Ladybell looks great for having done so much travelling, and is due to calve the beginning of March.  We’ve settled her into her own private quarters at the old horse barn until she calves.  This will give us time to get to know each other better before we turn her in with the herd.  Then there will be time to work out the new herd dynamics.  She will be a great addition to our breeding program and we’re very excited to have her.  Thank you, Stefani & Gabriella, for making it happen!

We’ve met so many wonderful new friends through our Dexters, and hope to meet many more.  I’m amazed at the sense of “community” that exists around these little cows and am thankful to have these Dexter friends as part of my life.  It’s always nice to hear that friendly “hello” again!

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  1. It was great seeing you guys again, and what a fun afternoon for us, too! I had to laugh about this sentence: “We had a great visit, talking about cows, chickens, deworming and all sorts of things over our tea.” As I thought about it through non-farmer eyes, I realized how much we’ve changed in the past two years–thinking that talking about de-worming over tea was a normal thing to do! So glad you all didn’t think it any stranger than we did! 🙂 And how nice to find kindred spirits, thanks to Sara!


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