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Ryder (Yearling Bull) $2,800

I actually didn’t intend to breed Ellie (L.E.) to Cash, being they’re half-sibs, but it happened. It seems the Lord saw fit to override my breeding decisions. This little guy was just meant to exist!

And what a nice, thick boy he is – the best of the ten bull calves born here in 2021! Ryder has Cash’s depth & width of body, as well as his width between the legs. He has excellent conformation throughout, and a neat, clean look about him. He’s a bit shorter statured than Cash and will probably mature around 41-42″, but otherwise very similar in build & disposition.

Ellie is a gorgeous little milk cow, with a very nice udder & good, moderate milk production. She also has very nice teat size & structure for milking. She is one of the best cows in my herd.

Ryder has impressed me since birth. His birth weight is well within an acceptable range for the breed. He has consistently maintained excellent proportions (depth, width & length compared to height), great structure, and a calm, easygoing disposition the entire year and a half. He has already (starting at 10 months old) successfully bred his first two groups of females. As of March 28, 2023 his first calf is on the ground – a sweet, tiny heifer out of Hattie (you can see her on the Calf Corner page).

I have great confidence offering Ryder as the only bull from my 2021 calf crop. I’ve seen a lot of bull calves in my 15 years with Dexters, and Ryder is only the fourth one from my breeding program that I am registering as a breeding bull….I’m just that picky!

black (ED/ED, B/B)
hip height
birth height23″
birth weight42 lbs.
PV Obligate
PV Obligate
milk beta-casein


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