Songwood Override

Ryder (Bull Calf) $2,400

I actually didn’t intend to breed Ellie to Cash, being they’re half-sibs, but it happened. So a couple months later I had the vet out to lutalyse her, then put her in with a different bull. It seems the Lord saw fit to override my breeding decisions. This little guy is a survivor!

And what a nice, thick boy he is – the best of the ten bull calves born here in 2021! Ryder has Cash’s depth & width of body, as well as his width between the legs. He’s a bit shorter statured than Cash and will probably mature around 41-42″, but otherwise very similar in build & disposition. I’m extremely happy with how he looks at 8 months old!

Ellie is a good little milk cow, with a very nice udder & good, moderate milk production. With some top-notch RdoubleD stock behind him, Ryder should make a fine little breeding bull capable of giving some nice improvement to his offspring.

ADCA #pending
black (ED/ED, B/B)
hip height
birth height23″
birth weight42 lbs.
PV Obligate
PV Obligate
milk beta-casein


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