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Trixie (Cow)

Trixie is the first calf Ladybell gave us, after playing tricks with her breeding date.  And she sure did throw in the candy with this one!  I wouldn’t mind if good ol’ Ladybell had more tricks like this up her sleeve.  Trixie has turned into a fine-looking young cow with a very nice udder.   Aside from being just a bit cow-hocked, she is a very well put-together cow, with a nice straight topline, good hook to pin angle and a nice long hip.  She’s a pretty girl, with a more dairy-type build, and a nice temperament, too.

Trixie has proven to be a wonderful momma & was trained to milk on her first lactation, doing very well with it.  She should fill the role of milk cow very nicely.

7/5/2014  SOLD! Trixie and Cecilia have gone to their new home in TN, to provide milk for the Collett family.

UPDATE:  Trixie is doing very well as a family milk cow at her new home.  We’ve been able to visit a few times & are pleased with how she has matured.  She has produced two exceptional calves which we have been fortunate enough to add back into our herd, Thomas Jefferson & Dixie Rose.

The first photo below was after Trixie’s first calving.  The udder photo is from her second lactation.  The last photo is from fall 2016 when we picked up her heifer, Dixie Rose, to bring home.  What a fine looking cow, and she sure has some great tricks up her sleeve!

red, carries dun (E+/e, B/b)
hip height
weight700 lbs.
PV Obligate
PV Obligate

Calving History

  • 5/19/2013 –  “Prissy”, dun heifer by Joy of Illinois Mace
  • 3/25/2014 – “Cecilia”, black heifer by NewHope Isle’s Hershey (selling at side)


  • Sire:  Circle H’s Frederick:  Circle H’s June x Circle H’s Philbert
  • Dam:  HV Platinum Ladybell:  Belle Fourche Buttercup x Saltaire Platinum
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