Complete Surge Milker

Complete Milker Set-up $450 + shipping

This Surge milking set-up was found in the barn. I have my own already and don’t need two, so am offering this one for sale. I don’t know it’s history, but it is fully functional.

I washed it as best as I could in the kitchen sink since I don’t have a big sink for washing a milker at this time. It is clean & in good condition, but needs a more thorough scrubbing than I was able to accomplish. It also needs all new hoses & rubber parts (inflations, lid gasket, etc).

The teat cups I believe are original Surge C shells. It has an InterPuls pulsator, functional & in good condition, with the original instruction manual. It has been adapted to sit beside the cow, and no surcingle was found. There are four extra plastic shut-off valves for the milk hoses, still in their package.

Milker price – $400

Located in Laurel County, KY – if you can’t pick up at the farm, you will need to pay shipping charges.

This milker came with a Robinair VacuMaster 3 CFM vacuum pump, which has a pressure gauge added to the top of it. The pump is in working order. It does not have a balance tank, so is not 100% appropriate for use with a milker, but it does run the milker.

The pump sells separately, with or without the milker, so you can purchase a more appropriate pump for the milker if you desire.

Pump price – $50 + shipping, if not picked up at the farm


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