Dropping Calves & Jumping Bull

Our new baby girl…not quite dry yet.

It’s been quite a busy week!  Tuesday morning I had a dentist appointment AND an eye Dr. appointment.  I got back home about 1:00 & looked in on Keira before going in the house.  I had her put up at the barn, because she was looking close to calving.  She was standing there, looking back at me like there was nothing in the world going on….and it really looked like there wasn’t.  I went in & did a few things before returning to the barn to finish cleaning things up in the parlor from morning milking.  At 2:00, as I walked back toward the barn from the house, I could see a small black something laying on the ground beside Keira.  Sure enough, in the short space of an hour she had delivered a darling little HEIFER.  Yiippeeee!! Finally a heifer!!  Though, actually she’s not that little…she’s a hefty 60 lbs.  WOW!

How cute is that!?

Wednesday morning, we were scheduled to take Rousseau to a farm on the other side of Somerset to have semen collected for AI.  So we loaded him in the trailer and drove the hour & a half to Cundiff Red Angus Farm.  Rousseau, our BIG guy, looked so little next to the Angus & Charolais bulls that showed up too.  Mr. Cundiff used one of his red angus cows for the bulls to mount for collection, and poor Rousseau looked pretty small beside her, too.  But our So-Man was not put off….he knew he could get that cow if he just jumped high enough!

Rousseau checks out the big girl.

And jump he did, both hind feet off the ground…to the point that he toppled over backwards & ended up rolling on the ground…so undignified!  It looked rather funny.  Even funnier was the time he got on from the side & danced his way around behind her on two feet.  Everybody got a good laugh out of that!  Funniest, though, was the interaction that went on during his break between “tries”.  He was penned beside where the cow was, and they brought in an Angus bull to try while Rousseau rested a bit.  The Angus jumped once, half-heartedly, and didn’t accomplish much.  Every time after that, when he showed any interest in the cow, Rousseau would moo at him.  Now mind you, he wasn’t roaring & growling like a bull, pawing or anything, just a plain, simple “moooo” every time that Angus looked ready to jump.  And that Angus would completely forget about the cow, turn & look at Rousseau, and go sniff at him through the fence.  This was repeated about half a dozen times, Rousseau completely distracting that bull, until they finally gave up and penned the Angus.

Bill runs interference.

Then Rousseau got his second turn at it, and after a successful collection we loaded back up and headed for home.  I guess they eventually got that Angus collected.  What a laugh!

The technician was pleased with what he got….said it looked to be good quality under the microscope, and we should end up with 100-125 straws.  So now we’ll have semen straws for sale for Rousseau.

Thursday morning I checked on Eavie again, as I have been keeping a close eye on her, too.  She still didn’t have any glaring signs of imminent calving, so I left her on the upper pasture with the rest of the herd for the day.

Two handsome boys…the red one weighs more than you would think.

After supper, Brenton & I went up the mountain to shoo them back down to the barn for some hay, and found Eavie off in a corner by herself mooing out through the fence.  Sure enough, there was the calf, lying in the woods about 10′ uphill of the fence.  My first thought was that it MUST be a boy….the dexter bull calf motto around here seems to be “point nose uphill & go….as far as possible”.  So Brenton& I took turns carrying the little bugger back down the mountain lane, momma Eavie following along.  We got down to the driveway just as Nana & Granddad were arriving for the holiday weekend.  Once safely in the barn, he weighed in at 58 lbs….no wonder my arms hurt so bad!

And I think that’s quite enough excitement for one week!

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  1. Two beautiful calves! Keira’s heifer is adorable! Sara sends her love to her grand-daughter!


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